Melotonin – VA 4 / Various Artists

  Melotonin – VA 4 / Various Artists Enjoy this fantastic Dub Techno compilation released on the Melotonin label. Included is my brand new track, „Dub Cloud.“ Discover more great Dub Techno tracks by Matt Schulz, Roman Ridder, Faser Klang, Orde107, Esari Charles, Deepnorth, Klangantrieb, von Erichstein, Kenny Duiker, and Markus Masuhr.

133 Days on the Sun

♫ 2023 couldn’t start any better ♫ It’s a great honor again to underline the brand new NASA video “ 133 Days on the Sun“ with my music. You will listen to one hour of music from my current album, „Geometric Shapes.“ Please relax and enjoy our wonderful sun. This video chronicles solar activity from Aug. […]

A Week Filled with Flares, August 2022

A Week Filled with Flares I am super excited about being part of the recent NASA video and underlining the overwhelming impressions with my music. Credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/SDO Scott Wiessinger (KBRwyle): Producer / Editor Tom Bridgman (GST): Visualizer Music: „Rhombus“ from Geometric Shapes. Written and produced by Lars Leonhard. Mit dem Laden […]

Lars Leonhard – Geometric Shapes

Dear friends, I can proudly announce my new full-length album, „Geometric Shapes.“ You can freely purchase my album in August. How to make use of the special offer? Fill in a 0 in the minimum price section for free purchasing or pay what you like. Thank you for your great support over the last few […]

NASA’s Black Hole Orrery

After collaborating with NASA for almost ten years, the collaboration has led to many amazing videos with my background music. I want to happily announce the next brand-new NASA video, “NASA’s Black Hole Orrery,” applying my track “Event Horizon” from my album GRAVITY. Enjoy 🙂 Credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and Scientific Visualization Studio […]