OUT NOW – Lars Leonhard – Reflections

My latest album, “ Reflections “ is officially out now on all digital major platforms like Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.   Enjoy deep electronic music   Click me  

Lars Leonhard – Reflections

Dear friends, I can proudly announce my new full-length album, „Reflections.“ In January, you can purchase my album for free. (exclusively on Bandcamp). So download it quickly and have fun listening to, relaxing, and enjoying deep electronic music. How to make use of the special offer? Fill a 0 in the minimum price for free […]

Gemstones IV [CYD 0089]

    I`m honored to be part and opener of Gemstones IV on the great label “ Cyclical Dreams “ : A walk through beautiful electronic music inspired by the Berlin School and Ambient music. Enjoy

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