Reviewed by Mihai Costin / Reash

When we usually find ourselfs with the „No Comment“ statement, the mind tends to judge it as a lack of information. This LP is clearly not the case. Soon as one presses the play button, he understands Lars Leonhard had an ace up his sleeve.

In the first tune, the „No Comment Original Mix”, the strait beat inflicts a feeling that any hip loves. Slowly but surely the groove builds up alongside the beautyful crafted scapes. Twords the end the picture halts for a few moments, enough to give time for the mind to wrap itself around the break following lush harmonies.

The „Anywhere Edit” of the same tune hits right from the start with an exquisite dub feeling that seems to ride along with no effort at all. If one thinks the attention to detail is lacking, it should be patient and hold on, as an irie pad will wash any thought away. And then this soul smasher gets an instictive replay.

As far as the third edit goes, the lack of any typical drums doesn`t harm that much. In fact it lifts the pressure up after the first few seconds, as it nails the message whitout the need of percussion. After all it is called „Before The Sunset Edit“ and the analogy is perfect. It has the strength it needs to furfill the task of a first track in any set, or last one. It can even groove while you are passing along a tree or a cat.

Sven Schienhammer`s ”Quantec Mix” creeps in with excelent display of tehnique. The stedy but constant build up fails to receive any bad words, and that is good. The soul riping simplicity has a soul purpouse: to please any straight beat lover out there.

If glitches turn you on, then you should go for Thomas Touzimsky`s ”What Was The Question Again Mix”. As soon as the first seconds spill away, one notices the tension doesn`t melt. It holds on for a minute and then makes way for supreme riffs, offering those goose bumps everyone is after. It`s no surprise that after the break the theme keeps evolving untill the very end of the tune.

When it comes down to the ”Mix Scanner Mix” that Scanner crafted out, nostalgia could be the right worder to describe it. To understand that you should try and picture the present you 10 or 20 years ago, then back again. The vocal cuts make room for the ravey strings, and those melt into perfection alongisde a soothing lead. As a plus, the groove doesn`t stop for a second. And that is good.

To top the whole package, Lars Leonhard has another ace up his sleave, called „Pure Trance Mix“. It`s available only as a digital bonus, an interesting choice. If at this point you thought the original version couldn`t give any more room for another view, yes you were wrong. Don`t get fooled by the name either, even if the rythm punches a whole in your chest, the heart gets pampered by the details Lars meticulosly has twined at every step.