In der neuesten Ausgabe des Biograph, Juni 2010 findet ihr einen sehr guten Artikel über das Release BINEMUSIC PRESENTS VARIOUS ARTISTS | 2010 (Double LP) den ich euch natürlich nicht vorenthalten will. (Zum vergrößern einfach aufs Bild klicken)

Biograph (DE)
Multifaceted and strictly synthetic, colorful and monochromatically dark: those real electronic compilations still exist these days, uniting upcoming artists and scene saviors at the same time. Essen label BineMusic and its publisher Kompakt (T.Raumschmiere et. al.) support both national and international electronic between minimal techno/house and fluffy ambient on their releases, and their compilation „BineMusic Presents: Various Artists – 2010“ is an ambitious gem. Düsseldorf sound tinkerer Lars Leonhard opens the double vinyl with his fancy dance track „Citylights“ – a pumping dream whose cool melody earns a resident slot on this summer’s dancefloors. Be it either Scanner’s warm and rhythmic trance on „Coming Into Focus“, Move D’s spacey slow-motion firework on „Skoda“ or Benjamin Brunn’s 70s funk on „Lotta G“ – Bine’s „Various Artists 2010“ is a genre-lovers‘ insider tip on black gold as well as download.