Collaboration with Alvina Red on the forthcoming cd Album – SEASONS – les quatre saisons . On BineMusic soon.

Originating from Stockholm, Alvina has been learning music since the age of six. By the age of ten, she had her first studio recording session performing backings for Abba.
As a teenager, she was part of professional choirs and participated in events such as the Nobel Prize Ceremony in Stockholm, while at the same time being the lead singer in a P-Funk band for which she wrote her first songs.
Some years later, while completing successfully her studies as a music teacher, she met the Wrong Steps crew and started collaborating as song-writer, arranger, vocalist and keyboard player with Spiro Projecto, Martinez, Pawel Kobak. This led her to have some releases with names like Jori Hulkkonen or Dan Curtin.
Lately Alvina has been recording songs with Hakan Lidbo, Raph Dumas, Alton Miller, and released instrumental deep tech-house tracks together with Manuel Perez for labels like Ooze, Trenton, Lace or Nice & Nasty.